Why Hong Kong?

For decades Hong Kong has been the port to mainland China, and as other countries throughout Asia start to catch up, Hong Kong still serves as a great hub for the Asian market. Here are 5 reasons why you should set up your business in Hong Kong.

1. Geographical location

The geographical location of Hong Kong makes it possible to reach 1/2 of the world’s population within 5h. Hong Kong Airport operates over 1000 flights to over 220 destinations worldwide, which makes it one of the busiest airports in the world. It’s close proximity to the Greater Bay Area makes Hong Kong perfect for anyone who would like access to the China market. Furthermore, Hong Kong shares its timezone with Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Perth, making it easy to travel between Asia’s Key Markets.

2. Excellent business climate

The excellent business climate of Hong Kong has been well established for years. The country was rated number 6 in Forbes “Best Countries for Business“-list in 2018 and has been rated as the world’s freest economy for 24 consecutive years by the Heritage Foundation. The key reasons for this include the country’s:

  • Low and simple taxation system
  • Freedom of capital movement
  • Free trade port

3. Quality of life

Hong Kong’s long history as an international trading port has made the city into an international hub where diversity can flourish. The city offers a large international community and an amazing nature. If you are into hiking, surfing or any other outdoor activity Hong Kong will not disappoint you. With more than 40% of the land dedicated to country parks and nature reserves you will always have something to do in your spare time. Hong Kong is also recognized as a very safe city, people are often very helpful and friendly and you will almost never feel unsafe when out and about.

4. Infrastructure

There is no doubt about it – Hong Kong’s public transportation is simply excellent. The city has a well developed subway system which serves almost all of Hong Kong. It’s cheap, efficient and serves a huge amount of passengers each day. As well as the subway, there is also the intercity train, buses and the new high speed train, connecting Hong Kong to a great number of cities within China.

5. Access to highly skilled workforce

Hong Kong’s status as an international hub attracts highly skilled people who are eager to work hard. As previously mentioned, Hong Kong has a long history as an international trading city. This has helped the city establish a highly functional school system and numerous internationally recognized universities. High quality workforce has been one the cornerstones in Hong Kong’s success!