We are so happy to introduce our new colleague Fredrik Agmén to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Fredrik is here as the Carl Silfvén Scholar and will be staying with us for one year. Fredrik finished his bachelors degree at the Stockholm School of Economics this past summer and is very excited to learn more about Asia and Hong Kong in particular.

Here is three quick ones with Fredrik:

What is you first impression of Hong Kong?

  • East meets West which creates a really interesting and inspiring mix! I love being able to walk from a local fish market to a stylish conference room in under 5 minutes.

What do you look forward to this coming autumn?

  • Interesting seminars and events! All Swedish expats I’ve met here all have interesting stories and inspiring projects going on, being in the middle of the GBA seems to have lit a small entrepreneurial flame in me.

What Swedish dish do you think you will miss the most in Hong Kong?

  • The national dish of Swedish student life, Pasta Pesto. It was my safe anchor during the past 4 years when I was studying and it’ll be hard living without it. Also middle milk (Mellanmjölk)


Fredrik looks forward to meeting all of you very soon at one of our upcoming gatherings!