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Uppsala University proudly awards three Hong Kong students scholarships on an annual basis, covering the tuition fee for a master’s or bachelor’s program at Uppsala University. The scholars of 2020, who will be starting their programs in Uppsala in late August, are

Kwan Yu Queenie Law

“I wish to join the field of international development as a humanitarian practitioner upon completion of the Master Programme. This scholarship would enable me to study in an ideal environment where I am able to see more of the world both academically and practically”

What are your expectations for studying and living in Sweden?

“Meeting brilliant minds from all walks of life, a lot of Fika and snow”

Field of study: Peace and Conflict studies


Tsz Yung Patrick Wong

”Sweden is yet not a common destination for Hong Kongers when studying abroad. I saw the scholarship as a great opportunity to secure a spot at a Swedish University.””

What are your expectations for studying and living in Sweden?

“When I search the information about Sweden, several words just pop into my mind, like coldness, quietness, nature, northern lights, and so on. But most importantly, the Swedish values —equality is one of the most precious things in Sweden. As a member of the LGBT community, I personally feel that living in Sweden is happier than in other countries.”

Field of study: Chemistry Analytical Chemistry


Ting Wing Choi

“I applied for this scholarship because it gives me a chance to study at Uppsala University and it might be the only scholarship specific to Hongkongers to study in Sweden!”

What are your expectations for studying and living in Sweden?

“I chose Uppsala University because it provides the program that universities in Hong Kong do not provide. Besides, Sweden is renowned for its educational standard and quality of life. As a local citizen who never been studied abroad and been away from a big city, I am excited about the new living and study environment in Sweden!”

Field of study: Physics Nuclear and Particle Physics


SwedCham wishes the students the best of luck on their future endeavors in Sweden