As the 5th wave hit Hong Kong many people around the city suffered, with one of the most affected groups being the Migrant Domestic Workers. Being a caring Chamber, and having the possibility to act quickly we teamed up with PathFinders and RaceONE in order to activate and engage members and partners through Race to Raise.

When wrapping up the campaign, over 120 people had registered for the race and with the help of our partner chambers, companies and influencers we reached a big and broad audience raising awareness about the problems facing Migrant Domestic Workers while also promoting PathFinders cause.

In the end, we managed to raise over HKD 16,000 which will help finance PathFinders’ organization and through that support the migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. This couldn’t have been done without the support from participants and our partners – a big thanks to all of you!


A race is not a race without winners, and you’re not a winner without prizes sponsored by Dafu and Stadium. Find out who won on the list to the right (below on mobile)!

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 9.55.46 AM

Engage your employees and company with RaceONE

Race to Raise was only possible due to our partnership with the SwedCham overseas member RaceONE. Since the launch RaceONE have become one a big actor on the market of providing digital race solutions. Until today they have worked together with big classics such as Vätternrundan as well Göteborgsvarvet, but also with companies who want to provide digital solutions for internal campaigns and activities.

You can read more about their offering here, or contact Marcus Andersson through email to hear more about possible solutions for your company.

List of lucky draw winners

Mary Ann Annie Amol - Bike from Stadium

Evelyn Chan, Shoes from Dafu

William Chan, Shoes from Dafu

Kelvin YM Yeung - Set of workout gear from Stadium

Pernilla Bartholdsson Hellekant - Set of workout gear from Stadium

Mehmet Gurtin - Dafu T-short

Aaron Safir - Dafu T-shirt

Amanda Locke - Dafu T-shirt

Allan Nylander - Dafu T-shirt

Olaf Brock - Dafu T-shirt

Emelie Wahlstedt - Dafu T-shirt

Michelle Lynn Lo - Dafu T-shirt


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