At the SwedCham 35th Anniversary Dinner last Saturday, November 27, the winner of the SwedChamer of the year was announced.

The prize was awarded to Peter Luxenburg, a dedicated and active member of the Chamber. Read the motivation below.

During 2021 this person has been an outstanding Ambassador and member of SwedCham Hong Kong. With a strong engagement, a positive mindset the Chamber has been helped in many ways and there are at least six reasons for this person to becoming our very first SwedChamer of the Year.

  1. The winner is a true star within the SwedCham network.
  2. The winner represents two different member companies in Hong Kong.
  3. The winner is active in three committees.
  4. The winner is recruited four new members in 2021 alone.
  5. The winner never takes more than 5 minutes to like any of our posts in social media.
  6. The winner always brings 6 donuts to the office.

Peter Luxenburg - A big THANK YOU for your engagement – it’s members like you and your fellow nominees who make this Chamber one of the best in the world.

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